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The Academic History - TP Project (AHTPP) is a designed to clean TP (pre-1998) data that was stored in a legacy system, check it's consistency with official paper transcripts, and load it into the Banner system. This project is responsible for insuring that all currently registered students also have "complete electronic records".

The TP system was Wayne's first computerized student system.  It was implemented in 1971 and was used to record demographic, admissions, and academic data. TP has course/grade information for students back to 1980, and limited term back to 1971.  TPs data, however, is a snapshot of the data as it appeared at the end of the grade processing period for each term.  This data was never updated once the grade processing period was over. In Winter 1998, a switch was made to the Student Information System (SIS). However, not all of the data was converted from the TP system. Specific information relating to classes taken prior to Winter 1998 was not converted; only summary information such as cumulative credit hours and HPA (honor point averages) was added into the SIS system. As a result, official transcript information relating to courses taken prior to Winter 1998 was maintained only on paper files. Changes (such as grade changes) were maintained primarily on paper transcripts, with updates being made to summary data in TP and SIS. Therefore, official transcript data prior to 1998 only was only available from paper transcripts. We are currently in the process of replacing the SIS system with the Banner system. The plan is to load unverified TP data into a custom application, verify and update data on the basis of transcript information, and then upload the "cleaned" data into Banner. We are starting with the TP data of students registered for classes in Fall 2001. We will then proceed to Winter 2002, Spring/Summer 2002, Fall 2002, and then backwards to semesters preceding Fall 2001.

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